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Who We Are


Fika Entertainment is a commercial spin out venture from 

Deakin Motion. Lab. Since 2006, Deakin Motion.Lab has been pushing the boundaries of research and development of transformative entertainment production: creating production solutions and content for film, television, animation, live performances, VR/AR and apps using motion capture and various virtual production techniques.

With the launch of Fika Entertainment, we are delighted to be able to make our extensive knowledge and the innovative outcomes available to our clients globally.

The ‘Fika way’ of working focuses on enabling others to revolutionise their stories: the technology we create and harness keeps storytelling at its heart.

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About Us

What We Do 


Key highlights of Fika's virtual production services offering includes:

  • We can deliver short form and long form series animation and VFX content for up to 50% of the usual cost and only taking up to 50% of the standard time..

  • We can offer up to 40% cash rebates on work completed in Australia with us and our partners.

  • We can work with your current production partners and co-pro arrangements to help optimize your budget and delivery.

  • We can improve the speed to market and associated costs of any ancillary products i.e. L&M, short-form content for social and digital channels, long-form series and content, apps, games, AR/VR, and digital themed activations.

  • We can offer free of charge animation tests and cost/schedule scenarios based on any of your existing IP.


Check out some of our realtime tests and demo's we currently have available to share.


All of our animation work and demo videos below were performed and captured in realtime with minimal-to-no post or clean up.  All characters can also be rapidly re-voiced in other languages for further localization by just redoing the facial capture on the final cut.

Realtime VFX DEMOS

Check out our sample mockups we've done for clients to show how we can facilitate realtime VFX production for travel/stunt sequences, set extensions or stock footage replacements  e.g. we can help generate content exploring space or ancient egypt in an affordable and accessible way.

About Us

Our People & Partners

Our core internal team and key contractors are comprised of people that have with global experience and specialisation across producing, selling and creating animation, VFX, live-action, mocap, app and game building, and software development plus more.  Our team is experienced in delivering long form and short form content with dynamic directing/visual storytelling and have worked with companies such as Animal Logic, The Third Floor, Weta, The Imaginarium, CineSite, ILM, Village Roadshow, Disney, Hi-5 and various distributors and broadcasters around the globe. 

Here are some of our amazing partners!

About Us

Our Software & Facilities

Our in-house designed Alchemy™ Pipeline software is an automation solution and ecosystem that allows for the efficient production of creative content. Our system integrates full body and facial performance capture with realtime VFX, animation, realtime rendering and a comprehensive file management system. 


Our Melbourne and Gold Coast facilities offer high-end large scale motion capture, LED wall  and green screen/blue screen spaces that deliver a range of virtual production services including: motion capture (in our studio or at your location), realtime animation production, realtime VFX production, and facilities/services hire. Let us test, develop and/or produce your next production that embraces the ‘Fika way’.