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Who We Are

Fika Entertainment is an end-to-end virtual production company providing broadcast quality realtime animation content using our collaborative, design-focused, creative and technologically enabled pipeline.  

Fika started in 2006 as a high-end research facility specialising in motion-capture technology at world-renowned Australian university, Deakin University. Since then, we’ve become a privately held company with a head office in Brisbane and a purpose-built virtual production studio on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and have produced high-quality content for some of the world’s leading entertainment and brand companies. 


Our provides upfront creativity and control to deliver premium quality products which are time and cost effective and keep story at the heart of production.  

Fika is a proud member of Global City Group, a diverse and daring international network of high-performing businesses, talent and ideas.


What is the Fika difference?

When it comes to the production process, our focus is based on care, collaboration and creativity.  


Our in-house innovative virtual production pipeline allows  us to maintain high creative and technical standards. Fika clients can have peace of mind knowing our content is not only top notch, but ethically and effectively delivered.  


On the global stage, Fika is the only virtual production company delivering premium creative content for a digital-first budget. Our quality is not only a mark of our skill, but also presents a lucrative opportunity for clients to on-sell digital-first content for a range of subsequent broadcast and streaming markets. 



Our Gold Coast Studio is fitted out for all of your virtual productions and motion capture needs.

Dimension of Stage: 12M x 8M 

Vicon Cameras: 20 x V8s

OptiTrack Cameras: 32 x Prime v1s 

Stage Software: Unreal, Shogun, Motive, MotionBuilder 

Number of Faceware Headcams: 4 

Number of Black Magic Studio Reference Cameras: 3 

Number of Reference Screens: 4 


Meet Our Team

Meet our Board

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