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Welcome to Fika's Virtual Production Wiki!

Here you'll find information about virtual production for animation, realtime VFX, live action production, immersive reality (AR/VR), Games, Apps, Social Media and Ancillary content and Live Performance. 

Virtual Production 101

Virtual Production 101

Ok. What do we mean by Virtual Production?​

Virtual Production connotes the use of digital and virtual environments in the production of content. This applies to VFX and environmental elements that sit behind, in front of and with live action performers (i.e. The Mandalorian) as well as to entirely CG productions such as animation for kids and adults. 

However, we can apply the same technologies and workflows to non-entertainment experiences in sectors such as training, health, wellbeing, architecture, education and data visualization.

New tools enable new opportunities for content creation, and Fika specialises in simplifying the virtual production process for our partners through our in-house Alchemy Pipeline. 

See below for all of our Virtual Production Services!

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We offer:

Development Services: for story, script and virtual production  strategy. Let us show you how Fika can help you rapidly and cost effectively produce content

Budget, Schedule and Rebates Consulting: we help you optimise your funds and IP for rapid and cost effective production for your core product and other ancilliary activations

Producing: via a single pipeline from story to delivery

Co-Production: lets explore what co-production options we can  offer

Partnering Services: let us source various bids and quotes for:

  • Pre-Production - Writing, Conceptual Art, Storyboarding,

  • Designing, Modelling & Rigging, Lidar, Photogrammetry, Body  Scanning, Budgeting, Scheduling, Casting

  • Production - Direction, Lighting, Rigging, Stunts, Design etc

  • Post-Production - Audio, Visual, Music, Editing

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What can Virtual Production do for you?

What can virtual production do for you?

Fika Entertainment’s Virtual Production Services can enable the following for your product, brand and/or production:

  • Creative control for brand/IP owners, directors and producers from a single point of control

  • IP protection and risk control via a single pipeline from story to delivery

  • Multi-linguistic capabilities: Quickly & easily add a new language using facial capture

  • Rapid Multi-output possibilities: Including VR, AR, web, games, and broadcast television. Reuse assets & animations to make the most out of your production elements

  • A fully iterative process that allows for multiple takes using multiple cameras designed to replicate real world hardware

  • Remote interaction for overseas directors and producers to easily collaborate

  • Integration of immersive, interactive and VFX elements

  • Better on the budget and access to cash rebates: access to Post, Digital and Effects (PDV) rebates of up to 40% on qualifying spend completed in Australia

Business Benefits of Virtual Production

Business benefits of virtual production for animation and live action/ vfx

  • Realtime feedback and previsualisation to draw out the best characterisation.

  • Interactions with objects and environments. Iterative performance process designed to allow for

  • collaboration and testing.

  • Allows for on-the-spot decisions about scenes, characters, environments, dialogue and VFX.

  • Create story development, production and post-production simultaneously.

  • Use virtual cameras frame up the perfect shot.

  • Edit and review rough cuts of sequences quickly and

  • iteratively.

  • Bring postproduction processes into production to enhance creativity.


creative benefits of virtual production for animation and live action/ VFX

  • We enable producers, creators, brand/IP owners/managers to

  • have greater autonomy, control and oversight over their product by reengineering the animation and VFX process.

  • Our solution enables rapid and cost-effective production of animation, VFX, and ancilliary product and we are able to convert pre-existing IP and assets. We are a sustainability enabler.

  • Our service provides access to state and federal Post, Digital and Effects (PDV) cash rebates of up to 40% on qualifying spend completed in Australia.

  • Our link to research and development with Deakin University’s Deakin Motion.Lab means that our work is benefiting from the latest developments in tech and content creation.

  • Our solutions are being embraced beyond the entertainment sector, and are applicable to clients within the education, health and wellbeing sectors.

Creative Benefits of Virtual Production


Who says animation has to be slow and expensive to make?


At Fika, we use performance capture and real-time rendering to produce beautiful content in a time and cost-efficient way.

Work with our onstage production process to create products that are up to 80% completed, straight off the stage. We take various elements that are traditionality completed in post-production and bring them into pre-production. This enables animation and VFX to be automated through the shooting process, thus facilitating up to 50% cost and time saving across a product.

Our virtual production for animation service offers:

  • 3D animation

  • 3D as 2D animation

  • Human and animal animation

  • Asset creation for characters, environments and props

  • Realtime FX

  • Triggered FX and keyframe animation

• Realtime lighting and colour grading

• Virtual cinematography

• Immediate sequence playback for review

• Onstage previs / reference footage

• Live editing
• Onstage sound mix

Realtime Animation
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Realtime VFX



Fika Entertainment services enable the creation, build and production of high quality VFX for any type and size of production and entity, including global brand/IP owners and managers.

Our workflow and technology is designed to facilitate the major elements of the VFX process in realtime, which allows animation and VFX production costs to remain under control and in budget, and to be delivered faster to the market.

Our solution brings the power of realtime rendering, compositing and camera tracking to quickly produce VFX content for live action sequences for film and television. Our onset virtual production utilises green/blue screen in-camera compositing, realtime camera tracking, realtime motion capture, and triggered FX and animation.

We offer onset virtual production for:

  • VFX sequences and set extensions

  • Digital stunt doubles

  • Motion tracking

  • Realtime in-camera compositing

  • Green/blue screen integration

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Motion Capture


Fika loves motion capture!


Our artists and technicians have decades of experience in performance capture production and postprocessing. Our onsite and offsite motion capture capabilities include commercial grade motion capture systems for:

  • Humanoid and non humanoid motion capture

  • Facial capture

  • Post-production animation

  • Previs

  • Props

  • Performance consultation

  • Motion capture performance

  • Direction and coaching of performers (including stunts and specialised performers)

  • Performance consultation

  • Motion capture performance direction and coaching

  • Performers (including stunts and specialised performers)

  • Techvis

Ancillary Experiences

Ancillary and Immersive Products

Fika’s solutions extend to facilitating better creative brand  management and experiences by enabling creative content to be  delivered rapidly into various other entertainment experiences.

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