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Teletubbies Lets Go launches on Youtube

It's a magic Halloween pumpkin! Join the Teletubbies in the first episode of the new 3D animated series, Teletubbies Let's Go.

Created with the fantastic WildBrain Spark team, this new series utilises Fika's virtual production pipeline with our Vicon motion capture system, Faceware facial capture, and realtime rendering using UE5 Epic Games.

Check out the first episode here!

Thanks to the wonderful WildBrain Spark team (Melissa Czaja, Nico Lockhart, Matilda Tristram, Sophia Amatiello and Veronica Perez) for this wonderful opportunity!

And an 'eh-oh' shout out from the full Fika crew to the Teletubbies performance capture artists Mikee Joaquin, Ranee Clayton, Jules Broun, Jacob Barry, Gabby Boumford, Triona Giles).



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